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Locally-owned & operated by Tiger Fuel Company

We are a growing chain of state-of-the-art car washes in Central Virginia. Our mission is to brighten your wash experience by providing exceptional customer service and delivering a clean, dry and shiny car.

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We Support Our Service Members

We are proud to offer a free car wash to all active and retired military every Veteran’s Day.

About Our Washes

Touchless washes

High-pressure jets with water and detergents to make your car shine!

Self-service bays

Save time and effort in washing your vehicle – all of the materials you might need are already prepared for you!

Friction washes

Soft-touch foam brushes with foam detergent and conditioner that reaches the hard-to-get places on your vehicle!

Express tunnel

Wash, wax and shine your vehicle in under 3- minutes in our 90-foot tunnel! Sit back, relax and experience an LED light show that will dazzle.

Air and vacuum available at all locations
Text “TIGER” to 59925 for a free car wash in Ruckersville today!
What Our Customers Have to Say

Love this carwash beat in area. They have microfiber wiping cloths window cleaner. And free vacuums with pressured air to clean cracks and tight places. Staff very friendly and helpful. The LED effects with the projected logo on windshield as your car goes through the tunnel makes it fun too.

- Victor B.

Great vacuums! Love the high pressure air as well. Didn’t know about all the extra dirt in the nooks and crannies! Wash did a great job. Crazy fun lights. Loved it!

- Jay K.

Fresh, new carwash facility with clean and accurate equipment. Very powerful vacuums. They even have self-use glass cleaner and towels. Very fair prices. Friendly staff. I decided to stop as I was passing through. Very glad I did. I’m impressed!

- Will C.

I get my car washed here every 2 weeks. It’s easy and fun and CLEAN! All of it’s clean. The people are nice. Well dressed and well mannered. They supply towels and the vacuum is FREE!! My car always shines like new money.

Joanna W.

Great place to do business with! I highly recommend getting their monthly package. I stop in several times a week and they keep my truck looking great! They have access to free vacuums, micro fiber rags, window cleaner and and even a little detail air hose for blowing out those hard to reach areas in your dash. Thanks guys, I’m so glad to have you in the area you are truly an asset to all who use your service!

- Gene S.

Fundraising Opportunities

We’ll work with your organization on the best way to execute a fundraising initiative at our washes.

Organizations are limited to:

  • Youth groups
  • Sports teams
  • Charitable organizations
  • University groups
  • Eco-friendly/sustainable groups

Looking to fundraise? Complete the form below and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

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